Delete me or just follow one of my other tumblrs :)

So sorry, I didn’t notice that I can’t delete my main tumblr.

Anyway - if you wanna follow my movie & series tumblr, check out the following link:

Wanna follow my ‘new’ personal & music tumblr -

Have a nice day!

Time to say goodbye

So, in a few hours.. this blog wont exist anymore. After a long time of no-blogging and spending even more time on pinterest, I decided to match my music tumblr and this one. I’m pretty sure that no one will ever be sad about that fact, haha, but anyway.. if you still want to check out pretty pictures & good food - here’s the link to my pinterest account:

Aaaand for those who could be interested in music and some tumblr-typical-stuff;

See ya


Memphis May Fire | Warped Tour 2013 

Kellin Quinn

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